Wine Backpacks

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Some wine backpacks are like clown cars: it's just unbelievable how much you can fit into them. When I was looking at wine backpacks for my friend, I saw picnic backpacks that could hold blankets, wine glasses, salt and pepper shakers, plates, corkscrews, wine bottles, and food for four. That's pretty amazing for one little backpack!

Wine Backpacks as Corporate Thank You Gifts

Wine backpacks make exceptional business gifts. People are extremely impressed by them. They show imagination on the part of the giver, and are genuinely appreciated by the recipients. My aunt has her own business, and gave some of these backpack wine carriers to valued clients for the holidays last year. The feedback she got was glowing.

These backpacks are ideal for people who love the outdoors. They're a lot more comfortable to take on a hike than a traditional picnic basket. They're also the best thing you could take to an outdoor concert. They keep wine at the right temperature (unlike some picnic baskets) and they keep you from forgetting your corkscrew or glasses.

Summer is the perfect time for outdoor concerts and outdoor films. These events are a lot more enjoyable and a lot more sophisticated with a glass of wine, in my opinion. Take a girl to see a free film in the park, and you've got a decent date. Take her to see a free film with a wine backpack full of strawberries, brie, and champagne, and you've got a girlfriend!

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