Wine Charms

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Wine charms separate the people who really know how to entertain from the people who are just throwing a party. Entertaining is all about the details. You turn the television off, you turn the lights low, you put on a little music, and you make people feel welcome. When your guests enter your home, they are immediately charmed and relaxed.

Hosting with Wine Charms

Wine charms are part of the ambience of a party or a special dinner. Hand your guests their glasses of wine, and point out their charms to them. Now, they can set their glasses down as they mingle, nosh, or flirt, and they don't have to worry about picking up someone else's glass by mistake later on.

I have a friend who really knows how to entertain. She doesn't have a lot of money, but her dinner parties always seem incredibly elegant and impressive. That's because she creates a total party experience. Even if she can't afford pricey food and drink, she still serves an appetizer, refills your wine glass, and serves desert. Her guests always feel taken care of.

My buddy is the first person who taught me about wine charms. She would set an amazing table, with beautiful plates she'd found at estate sales. She would always include an unusual centerpiece, as well, to make her table that much more welcoming.

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