Wine Gift Bags

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Wine gift bags are a must. Handing someone a bare bottle of wine is like giving someone a birthday gift that's still wrapped in the plastic bag from the store. It's depressing. The only people who are allowed to get away with that kind of nonsense are little brothers and dads, whose ineptitude at wrapping gifts is the stuff of legends.

Every other adult should keep wine gift bags in her closet at home, right next to the wrapping paper and the bows. My friend has a theory: half the impact of a present is in the presentation. Throw a crummy knick knack in a box with beautiful paper and a gorgeous bow, and it will touch someone just as much or more as the grand gift that is shoddily wrapped.

Wine Carriers as Wine Gift Bags

Depending on my mood, and how well I know the recipient, I often use insulated wine carriers as wine gift bags. Instead of wrapping the bottle in a decorative bag that is meant to be thrown away, I drop it into a tote that the recipient can then use to take wine to the beach, to BYO restaurants, and so forth.

I also like those velvet gift bags that became popular a few years ago. They're perfect for handing someone a beautiful looking bottle of wine, and can be reused for entertaining from then on. I gave my mom a bottle in a velvet bag for Thanksgiving, and was pleased to see the velvet bag made it to the wine and cookies display on their sideboard for Christmas.

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