Wine Gifts

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Wine gifts have gotten me out of a jam more times than I can count. I cannot tell you how stressed out I used to get about having to give gifts to people I did not know terribly well (not to mention a few close family members who are simply impossible to shop for!). You know how it is: you're invited to the engagement party of a buddy you haven't seen since high school, or you end up going to the birthday party of a friend of a friend. What on earth are you supposed to bring these people?

I'm almost embarrassed to tell you how often my solution is wine gifts. I used to simply bring a nice bottle of wine, wrapped in a pretty ribbon, and call it a day. It was a nice, inoffensive gift that everybody liked, and which got me off the hook. Then I discovered these fabulous neoprene wine bags,

Neoprene is the material they use for wet suits. It's that kind of funky, spongy, space age stuff. I found these clink proof wine bags made out of neoprene, and since then, I think I have given away at least a dozen of them as gifts. They are awesome. Give someone a bottle of wine for their birthday, and he kind of nods politely and mumbles thanks. Give someone a bottle of wine in a neoprene wine bag, and he'll talk your ear off about it for half an hour. People love these funky bags!

Wine Gifts for the People You Love Best

So, as I've confessed, wine gifts have long been my staple gifts for acquaintances, business associates, and other folks I just don't know that well. It was only a few years ago, however, that I realized wine gifts could make such phenomenal presents for the people I really and truly love. It all started when one of my best friends took me on a hike.

She was feeling guilty because she still hadn't gotten around to buying me a birthday gift, two months after the day. She said she was going to take me on a hike for my birthday. She'd drive, get the map, pick the place, and go through all the other hassles. I was allowed to just come along for the ride, which sounded like a great present to me.

I asked if I should pack some sandwiches and she said not to worry, she'd take care of it. Anyway, after we'd been hiking for a few hours, I started to grumble about how hungry I was. That's when she pulled the backpack off of her back, and pulled out the most amazing picnic spread I've ever seen. We had pate sandwiches, olives, cheese, and a fabulous fume blanc in real wine glasses! The fume blanc was even the perfect chilly temperature. At the end of the hike, she blew my mind further by actually giving me the backpack!

Wine Gifts for Occasions of Celebration

After that hike, I realized wine gifts were perfect presents for people I really loved. Here's an example: I have a good friend who went through a nasty break up a few years ago. She refused to date for years afterward, then finally met a great guy last year. She gained a boyfriend, but I lost a friend. I didn't see her for several months, because she was lost in la la land.

I finally convinced her to go on a hike with me, just to chat and catch up. I pulled the same surprise picnic on her that my friend had pulled on me, wine gifts and all. At the end of the hike, I gave her the backpack, letting her know that there were no hard feelings about her absence, and that I was thrilled that she had finally found a great guy.

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