Wine Of The Month Clubs

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Wine of the month clubs make an interesting, unique, and educational gift. They're impressive to co-workers and office superiors; they're a wonderful gift to a young couple just starting out; they provide a foundation of epicurean style to any young man or woman just out of college. They're also one of those rare gifts that manage to automatically make the giver look smart, stylish and chic.

Thoughtful Gifts for the Workplace and the Home

The drinking environment at the office isn't what it used to be. Giving a fifth of Scotch might not have the same style today that it had twenty years ago. Wine gifts, on the other hand, can strike just the right note. They suggest civilized drinking, not drunkenness. It manages to seem thoughtful and personal without crossing the line into being inappropriate. Plus, unlike one-time gifts, every time a new, interesting selection arrives, your good taste will be remembered anew.

Newlyweds, too, would certainly enjoy the gift of a monthly wine membership. Learning about wine together, what each likes and dislikes, is a fun way, and a fun time, to learn about wine. Besides, a couple needs something of quality to store in that wine rack Aunt Edna sent them as a wedding gift.

Recent college graduates may be the most grateful for a wine club membership gift. Recent graduates, though they understand the power of good wine--having read all that Eliot and Byron in college after all--are rarely in a position to actually afford experimentation with anything more pricey than "two buck Chuck." Early contact with bad wine can make young folks think the stuff is over-rated. Monthly wine memberships allow young people the opportunity to enjoy and learn about fine wine and save them from the jug.

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