Wine Party Games

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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I love board games of all kinds, but I had never heard of wine party games until I visited my uncle's apartment in New York. He invited me to his place one evening, for wine party games and appetizers. When I arrived, the atmosphere was different than I had anticipated.

My uncle is usually a very smooth host. Normally, a party at his apartment would include dim lights, mellow music, a bartender, and a group of interesting artists from all over the world. I arrived to find a handful of people, the lights turned up brightly, and energetic pop music. Apparently, my uncle was taking these wine party games very seriously!

Wine Party Games for Novices and Experts Alike

He pulled out a game called Winerd (Wine Nerd, get it?) and started to explain the rules. I started to worry, because I don't have nearly the amount of wine knowledge that he does. In the end, the game was just as much fun for people who knew a lot about wine as it was for those who knew very little.

We were tested on our knowledge, but we were also tested on our ability to taste and smell. That was the cool thing about the game--it featured three different wines that my uncle had chosen, and which we all drank. Tasting the wine, smelling it, and figuring out the color were all parts of the game. I highly recommend it!

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