Arabic Food Store

Written by Beth Hrusch
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An Arabic food store is your best source for authentic Middle Eastern foods. Foods that are hard to find at a grocery store are the specialty of Arabic stores, which are usually owned and operated by Arabs who know what items are most necessary to the Middle Eastern cook. These Arabic stores, once the domain of the local Arab community, are being more frequently patronized by Westerners curious about Arab cuisine and willing to try something different.

Your Local Arabic Food Store

These stores are no longer found only in Arabic communities, but in marketplaces everywhere. Anyone interested in sampling Arab food can now go online and find a wide variety of ingredients to make traditional Middle Eastern dishes. Cookbooks are available that help you learn how to make the favorite meals of sultans and nomads through the centuries. In this sense, preparing an Arab meal is a little like traveling back in time.

Butters and oils such as ghee and Greek olive oil, dried spices and finely ground rice are the basis for many Middle Eastern recipes. Your Arabic food store will have these items, imported straight from their source. Pre-made tahini and halawa are ground sesame pastes that can be scooped onto pita bread for a quick and convenient appetizer or party snack. Every kind of nut both raw and roasted is available. Many Middle Eastern recipes call for nuts, which are a local delicacy in Arab countries.

Your local and online Arabic food store stocks imported foods and goods that make it easy to create your own Middle Eastern cuisine. Inside, you will find not only the products but the advice and knowledge that will ensure an authentic result. Whether you are a novice or an experienced Arab cook, your Arabic store is the place to go for all your culinary needs.

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