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Written by Sarah Bednar
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When you buy tahini from an Arabic food store, you are delving into the fascinating world of Arabic cuisine. Tahini is one of the basic ingredients in many Middle Eastern recipes. Like many Arabic dishes, it is made from simple, natural ingredients and is easy to prepare. For added convenience, you can buy tahini pre-made in jars.

Buy Tahini From Your Arabic Grocer

Tahini is ground sesame paste to which lemon and sometimes garlic is added. It is an ingredient in hummus, a popular Middle Eastern dip. It is also the basis of baba ghanoush and moutabel which are eggplant dip and appetizer, respectively. Sesame is a fragrant and flavorful element in Arabic cooking, and tahini is its most commonly-used form.

Tahini is available from an online Middle Eastern store, or a specialty foods store. Some supermarkets now carry it, in response to the growing interest in Middle Eastern cooking throughout the world. Fresh tahini can be made and stored for weeks at a time. All you need are sesame seeds, olive oil and lemon. Canned tahini is a quick and easy way to enjoy this exotic Middle Eastern specialty.

Buy tahini to get a mixture that will give Middle Eastern dishes their unique flavor and texture. It incorporates well into stews and dips, and can be used as a spread on pita bread. Add vegetables for an appetizer with added flavor and crunch. Tahini is an essential element to Arabic cooking.

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