Coriander Spice

Written by Sarah Bednar
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Coriander spice is an annual herb belonging to the carrot family. Its leaves resemble parsley and are edible, just as the fruits are. When ripe, these seeds have a musty, sweet citrus smell that is especially valued in Middle Eastern cooking. Coriander is used to season many popular Arabic dishes.

Coriander Spice Is Widely Used

Coriander is also known as Chinese parsley and cilantro. Only ripe seeds can be used for cooking, as unripe seeds have an unpleasant taste and smell. Some have likened the flavor of coriander to lemon, sage and caraway. It flavors many Middle Eastern dishes, such as shatta, a sauce that adds color and flavor to salads. Zhoug is another sauce that uses this spice.

Coriander spice is added to meat such as pork and lamb. Its slightly sweet flavor complements meat and vegetables. It can be ground and combined with other spices to make an all-purpose Arabic seasoning mix. Its seeds can also be used whole. Coriander is one of the ingredients in curry that give this seasoning its tangy hot flavor.

An Arabic grocer has coriander spice ground and whole, conveniently packaged for use in your favorite Middle Eastern recipes. It is excellent in chile, sauces and dips. Its combination of flavors add interest to your meal, and give traditional Arabic cuisine its exotic quality.

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