Falafel Mix

Written by Sarah Bednar
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Falafel mix makes the preparation of this traditional Arabic food easy and convenient. If you don't have time to gather and prepare fresh ingredients, a mix is an acceptable alternative. Falafel is one of the easiest and most versatile of Middle Eastern dishes, and enjoys popularity all over the world. Arabic stores carry pre-made mixes to help you make it quickly.

Falafel Mix Cuts Prep Time

Falafel is made from ground chick peas, spices, onion and garlic. When made from scratch the chick peas are ground, mashed or pureed and mixed with the spices. In a mix, however, these ingredients are dried to a powder. You just add water and let it stand for a few minutes. They are then formed into patties, fried in oil and drained. The advantage to a mix is that it makes the process quick and easy when you are pressed for time.

Unexpected guests are a perfect opportunity to use falafel mix. With no sacrifice in flavor, you can have a traditional Arabic meal ready in just minutes. Also, natural ingredients make it as close to homemade as possible, allowing a cook who is new to Middle Eastern cooking to impress family and friends with an authentic Arabic meal.

When looking for falafel mix, your best source is a Middle Eastern food store. Some supermarkets sell it in the specialty foods aisle, but your Arabic grocer will have the best selection. This easy-to-make and nutritious Arabic burger will be a favorite dish for your family, as it is for people around the world.

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