Halal Meat

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Halal meat is that meat which is acceptable to eat according to the Quran. All Muslims, whether by birth or conversion, are required to abide by certain criteria when selecting their meat. All meat dishes eaten by those of the Muslim faith must be halal. That meat which is unacceptable is called haram. A good understanding of the meanings of these precepts sometimes eludes even those who are firm in their faith and adhere to the laws of Islam.

Halal Meat Conforms to Islamic Law

For meat to be halal, and therefore acceptable to eat, it must conform to two basic rules. First, it must not be from an animal that died naturally, it must be devoid of blood, and it must not be from a pig. Secondly, the name of God must be invoked before eating it. A Muslim may eat food that is prepared by Jews and Christians, as there is no prohibition on it in the Quran. But, it is his or her responsibility to make sure that the meat served is halal.

Halal meat is available from Arabic stores, guaranteed to meet the first criteria. A Muslim who eats it must take it upon himself, however, to remember the name of God before eating it. This invocation reminds him that it is God who gives the law. This ritual is the equivalent of the Christian and Jewish prayers before meals.

Halal meat is sold fresh or canned at Middle Eastern stores. It forms the basis for many Muslim and Arabic meals, and demonstrates that laws regulating food are an important part of the Islamic faith. Conforming to the faith through what they eat is the responsibility of every devout Muslim. Go online to find a wide variety of meats and other Muslim foods available at your Arabic grocer

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