Make Falafel

Written by Beth Hrusch
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It's easy to make falafel, once you have the right ingredients and a good recipe. Falafel is essentially an Arabic burger, made from mashed chick peas, spices, oil and vegetables. Mixed together, these foods make a vegetarian patty that is deep fried to give it a crispy texture and tangy flavor. Pre-made mixes can make the preparation of this Middle Eastern favorite even easier.

Mixes Make Falafel Easy to Prepare

If you don't have time to make falafel from scratch, you can get a mix from an Arabic food store that has all the ingredients, ready for you to prepare. Most mixes will contain dried ground chick peas, onion, parsley, garlic, salt and spice mixtures or variations on these basic items. Generally, you will add water, let stand and form into balls. They are then fried in oil and drained.

Many people like to eat their falafel hot with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and tahini. It is a nutrient-dense meal that can be eaten by vegetarians seeking meat alternatives, but it is also a favorite among Arab peoples and those who just like its spicy flavor. Falafel is very easy to prepare with just a few basic ingredients that are common to all Arabic cooking.

Anyone who wants to make falafel can find what they need at an Arabic store. It is likely to become a favorite, as it can be served to guests and family as an appetizer or a main dish and is a unique alternative to burgers. Use a pre-made mix for added convenience and enjoy the flavor and versatility of this favorite of Arabic cuisine.

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