Make Turkish Coffee

Written by Beth Hrusch
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To make Turkish coffee, it is necessary to have the right ingredients and supplies. This coffee has been prepared and served in the Middle East and Mediterranean countries for about five hundred years, and remains a favorite beverage today. It is one of the world's finest coffees, brewed in a special way according to tradition.

How To Make Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee comes from the Arabica bean. It must be ground into a powder using a Turkish coffee grinder, since most standard coffee grinders cannot grind to that degree of fineness. During the grinding process, cardamom is often added. This aromatic spice gives Turkish coffee its distinctive flavor. Sugar is added to taste. Turkish coffee can be bitter or sweet according to personal preference.

Brewing is done in a special copper pot called a cezve. This small pot helps the coffee to boil faster. As the coffee heats, it starts to foam. Three boilings are sufficient to make Turkish coffee, and once done it can be served in small espresso cups. Any grounds that settle to the bottom should not be disturbed, so Turkish coffee is to be sipped slowly and gently.

Once you know how to make Turkish coffee, you will be able to entertain friends and family and offer them one of the world's great traditional beverages. The care that goes into making this coffee is rewarded with a rich and satisfying experience that encourages socializing and relaxation. Turkish coffee has been bringing people together for centuries.

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