Middle Eastern Bakery

Written by Beth Hrusch
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A Middle Eastern bakery provides fresh-baked traditional Arab pastries, breads and sweets that are the finishing touch to your Middle Eastern meals. Arabic cooking has a rich and storied history, and bakery has been a part of it since the days of the nomads. Now, as then, sweet and flaky goodies made with natural ingredients are a favorite part of the Arab diet, and breads are an indispensable staple.

A Middle Eastern Bakery Offers Traditional Favorites

Some Arab desserts are well-known to the Western world, while others are less so. Baklawa, known in Greece as baklava, is a dessert enjoyed all over the world. This flaky, layered pastry is filled with nuts and covered in honey. Halwa is a sweet sesame paste studded with fruits and nuts. Basboosa is a semolina tart soaked in syrup.

At a Middle Eastern bakery, you can find these desserts pre-made, or you can get ingredients to make them yourself. Bread is also made fresh, using the methods employed for centuries. Pita, or flat bread is served with a variety of dips. Kataif are pancakes stuffed with nuts or cheese. Fatayer are pastry pockets filled with spinach, meat and cheese. An Arabic bakery has finely ground rice and wheat flour for making these treats.

These are just some of the items sold at your local Middle Eastern bakery. Served with Turkish coffee or strong brewed tea, they are sure to impress your guests and satisfy your family. Natural ingredients and tantalizing flavor combinations give Arabic bakery its unique flavor, and make it a favorite around the world.

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