Middle Eastern Grocery

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Middle Eastern grocery stores are a great resource for hard-to find food items essential for Arabic cooking. Arab cuisine is a reflection of their culture, exemplified by food that is economical to buy and simple to prepare. Your Arab grocer can help you obtain the items you need to the experience Middle Eastern dishes that have been enjoyed for centuries by people around the world.

Your Middle Eastern Grocery Has What you Need

Preparing Middle Eastern meals is a great way to express hospitality to family and friends. In true Arabic tradition, your meals will be an opportunity to serve guests and receive their appreciation in return. A Middle Eastern grocery is the first place to go to get the essentials for your different courses. Turkish coffee and Ceylon tea flavored with cardamom accent any meal. Tabbouleh salad or an Arabic mezze, or appetizer will delight your guests.

Dipping sauces are a favorite element in Middle Eastern cuisine. Served with pita, or flat bread, they are usually made from ground sesame paste and chick peas with spices and other seasonings. Hommus is a well-known and much-loved dip, as is moutabel. This eggplant dip is made from tahini, or sesame paste. Casseroles and stuffed vegetables, stir-fry and kabobs are all favorite Arabic recipes that utilize ingredients often only found at a Middle Eastern store.

From dried yogurt powder to Jordan almonds, a Middle Eastern grocery has access to the foods that will make your Arabic meals a success. Meals are an important part of hospitality in the Arab world, as elsewhere. Make sure you are prepared with a trip to your local Arab grocer, or go online for a good selection of Middle Eastern foods.

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