Mixed Nuts

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Mixed nuts are available at your Arabic food store, where many of the favorite nuts featured in Arabic cooking are sold by the bag for convenience. These nuts can be eaten as snacks or added to traditional recipes. Roasted or raw, they will add the flavor of the Middle East to your dishes.

Mixed Nuts Combine Flavors

An interesting mixture of nuts can be achieved by mixing large and small nuts together. Cashews, pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts and peanuts go well together. Pumpkin and white seeds are sometimes added for their distinct flavors. A Middle Eastern touch to a good nut mix is salted chick peas. These are featured in Arabic cooking, and also make delicious snacking nuts.

Native seeds and mixed nuts make a favorite snack in the Arab world. Typical of much of Arab cuisine, they are densely nutritious-high in fiber and essential fats. They are often served before meals and added to desserts. Nuts are considered a treat in the Arab world, and as such are seen as acceptable dessert items.

Your Middle Eastern grocer has mixed nuts in different varieties that create taste combinations everyone can enjoy. Their fresh roasted flavors are aromatic and versatile for use in baking or in traditional Middle Eastern meals. They are favorite appetizers, perfect for offering guests, family and friends.

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