Pita Bread Bakery

Written by Sarah Bednar
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A pita bread bakery makes this specialty bread, a staple of the Arabic diet for centuries. Indeed, though it is known throughout the world as "pita", this flat bread is also called "Arabic bread", identifying its origins in the Middle East. Pita bread was one of the first foods invented by the nomadic tribes, who needed ways to make simple foods quickly and on the move.

A Pita Bread Bakery Makes Traditional Arabic Breads

Pita bread is a flat, round bread made from wheat flour, yeast leavened and baked in a very hot oven. The layers almost separate during baking, forming a pocket that can be filled with meats, cheeses and other items. Usually, pita bread is used to dip into the many Arabic sauces and dips such as hummus and baba ghanoush.

At a pita bread bakery, this traditional bread is made fresh every day and sold at the open-air markets. Arabic bakeries also export their pita bread to Middle Eastern markets throughout the world. Pita has become a popular alternative to white bread as it is low in fat and has a more robust texture and flavor. Its coarse quality makes it an excellent accompaniment for vegetables and thick dips, or for soaking up meat juices.

An authentic Arabic pita bread bakery uses centuries-old methods to produce bread that is crusty and flavorful. Pita is truly a staple of Arabic cooking, a food that has sustained life for the peoples of the Middle East during often harsh conditions. Today, it is a favorite of modern societies throughout the world, favored for its versatility and hearty flavor.

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