Sauce Tahini

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Sauce tahini is made from ground sesame seeds, oil and lemon juice. It can be eaten as it is, or as part of other Arabic dishes. It forms the basis for popular dips and main courses. The consistency of tahini makes it especially useful for thickening and adding flavor to these dishes.

Sauce Tahini Uses Simple Ingredients

Anyone who wants to make tahini at home will find that the recipe has not changed over the course of many centuries. Nomadic Arabs developed dishes that were able to be made from what the land would give them, and that were easily transported. Tahini is simple, nutritious and made from only a few basic ingredients. Sesame seeds, oil and lemon juice make a thick paste that is used in many dishes.

Hummus, a chick pea dip served with pita bread, is made from tahini. Moutabel, and eggplant dip, and baba ghanoush, which is char-grilled eggplant dip, both use sauce tahini as one of their ingredients. The delicate flavor of the sesame seeds goes well with vegetables and does not overpower whatever it is incorporated into.

Sauce Tahini is available at an Arabic food store, where it is canned for convenience. Or, if you prefer, you can make it with fresh ingredients. Tahini is an ancient food that is still enjoyed today for its delicious and delicate flavor. It blends well with many foods, and gives whatever you make an authentic Middle Eastern taste.

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