Seed Sesame Tahini

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Seed sesame tahini is a ground sesame seed paste used in Arabic cooking. When mixed into favorite recipes, it creates a thick consistency and delicate flavor that gives dishes their special appeal. Tahini has been made the same way for thousands of years, with fresh local ingredients that are easy to prepare. This is in the nomadic tradition, when all food had to have these qualities.

Seed Sesame Tahini-A Part of Favorite Recipes

Tahini forms the base for hummus, a dip served with pita bread. It is mixed with pureed chick peas, spices, lemon and garlic to make this favorite Middle Eastern dish. Tahini also goes well with vegetables such as eggplant, and is used in eggplant dips that are served with bread. It is even part of the traditional dessert called halwa, a slab of sesame paste studded with fruit and nuts.

An Arabic grocery is a good place to find seed sesame tahini. It is sold in jars, ready to add to your favorite recipes that call for this thick and rich paste. Or, you can make it using fresh ingredients and store it for weeks at a time. This way, you can ensure that you always have a supply on hand for unexpected guests or quick meals.

Typical of many Arabic foods, seed sesame tahini is nutritious and made from natural ingredients, so it is a good substitute for high-fat sauces and dips. In this way, it is an old recipe that works well in today's health-conscious society. Tahini is an item that no Arabic kitchen should be without.

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