Sesame Tahini

Written by Sarah Bednar
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Sesame tahini is a ground paste that forms the basis of several Middle Eastern dishes and dips. Its thick consistency and delicate flavor complement whatever it is incorporated into. Tahini is a recipe that is thousands of years old, yet translates well into today's cuisine. It is simple to make and includes simple ingredients available at any Arabic grocer.

Sesame Tahini Is Part of Basic Dishes

Tahini is ground sesame paste and oil. It is an essential ingredient in hummus, one of the most popular of Arab foods. This spicy dip also includes garlic, lemon, pureed chick peas and mixed spices. Tahini is also featured in moutabel, an eggplant dip and baba ghanoush, which is char-grilled eggplant pureed with lemon juice and garlic.

Sesame tahini gives a thick texture to dips and sauces. It is an important all-purpose base for mixtures, and can be added to many dishes. If time is short, you can buy canned tahini that is ready to add to your favorite recipe. If you wish to make it from scratch, the ingredients are simple and readily available from your Arabic grocer.

Sesame tahini is a mixture that reflects the exotic taste of Middle Eastern cuisine. Using local ingredients, Arabic peoples through the ages have enjoyed this easy and aromatic paste in recipes that call for a thick consistency and delicate flavor. Get tahini from your import store, where you will get the best selection.

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