Stuffed Grape Leaves

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Stuffed grape leaves are an Arabic delicacy that can be served either as an appetizer or a meal in itself. It is a recipe that is popular in the Mediterranean regions, where it is enjoyed by people of many different countries. It resembles stuffed cabbage or peppers, but uses ingredients and preparation methods native to the area .

Stuffed Grape Leaves Recipe

The main ingredients of this recipe are rice, lamb, grape leaves, various spices and parsley. There are variations, but basically it is prepared in this way: rice is rinsed and drained, lamb and spices are added. Grape leaves are wilted in hot water and the thick stems are cut off. Leaves are then filled with spoonfuls of the lamb and rice mixture, rolled up and placed in a pan. They are covered with salted water and cooked, during which time lemon is added.

A good way to serve stuffed grape leaves is with thin flat bread and plain yogurt or tahini. Bread can be wrapped around the grape leaves and dipped into these or seasoned olive oil. Greek recipes may call for ground beef and peeled tomatoes in a recipe more reminiscent of the Eastern European cabbage and pepper rolls. Almost anything can be a substitute for the meat, even tofu or bulgar.

Stuffed grape leaves are one of the truly distinctive Middle Eastern meals. They use ingredients that are found in many Arabic meals, and are easy to prepare with a little practice. You can find what you need at an Arabic grocer, where grape leaves are available either fresh or canned. Pre-made stuffed leaves are also available.

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