Tahini Paste

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Tahini paste is a thick, oily mixture that forms the basis for many Arabic dishes. It is made from ground sesame seeds and spices. Hummus, a popular dip, is made from tahini as are moutabel, baba ghanoush and Arabic mezze, or appetizers.

Tahini Paste is a Part of Many Recipes

Tahini is the ground form of sesame seeds, used to flavor Middle Eastern dishes. The basic recipe calls for sesame seeds and oil, salt and water. These ingredients are blended until smooth. To make hummus, a popular dip, tahini is mixed with pureed chick peas, lemon, garlic and olive oil. It is served with pita bread.

Moutabel is an eggplant dip made with tahini, olive oil and lemon juice. Eggplant is baked until tender and combined with lemon, tahini paste, garlic and olive oil. Baba ghanoush is also an eggplant-based dish. The vegetable is char-grilled and mixed with tahini, olive oil, lemon and garlic.

Tahini paste is also available in jars at your local or online Arabic food store. This is a convenient way to get fresh tahini for your Middle Eastern recipes when you don't have the time to make it yourself. Its sesame flavor and thick texture make dips and appetizers more satisfying. Starting your meals with a tahini dip will bring a taste of the Middle East to your table.

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