Turkish Pistachios

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Turkish pistachios are a smaller, more flavorful variety than those that are grown in California. They are darker in color, a result of being left to dry with their shells on. These nuts are harvested in September and processed to be sold as raw pistachios or roasted for use in Middle Eastern recipes. They are also a favorite snack.

Turkish Pistachios Are A Traditional Favorite

These rich, dark nuts are often mixed with other nuts and sold by the pound at Middle Eastern marketplaces. They are also a key ingredient in some Arabic desserts. Turkish Delight is a sweet confection that uses these nuts mixed in with corn flour, icing and rose water to make a hard candy with a rich and nutty flavor.

Turkish pistachios are often set out for guests and served with mezze (appetizers) and coffee or Ceylon tea. Baklava is often made with these nuts. Filo dough is wrapped around them, covered with honey syrup and deep fried. It is a special treat enhanced by the rich flavor of these distinctive nuts.

A gift of Turkish pistachios is a way to show hospitality. They are an unusual treat for those who want to give something different, and a unique way to flavor everything from main courses to desserts. If you are only familiar with the taste of California pistachios, try these nuts for a change of pace. They are available at Middle Eastern food stores.

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