Banana Coffee Cakes

Written by Jen Nichol
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Banana coffee cakes blend luscious, creamy fruit into an old, comforting recipe. Served with a pot of hot coffee or Ceylon Black tea, a slice of coffee cake can be just the excuse we need to ignore our cell phones, door bells, and chores. Gloomy days become exciting excuses to curl up with a slice of cake and a good book, or to chat with a long-distance friend.

Banana coffee cakes can be found in fine bakeries, as well as ordered from a gourmet coffee cakes resource. Some other great flavors include walnut coffee cakes, apple coffee cakes, and Downey's Irish Whiskey cakes. Even tea pots and French press coffee makers can be ordered from the right online resource, and every one of these items makes an elegant gift.

Experience Banana Coffee Cakes

The best way to create a space filled with warmth and conviviality is to fill it with friends, family, and the right old-fashioned desserts. A sour cream coffee cake will delight anyone, and every holiday can become so much more enjoyable with the right treats around. We all have to attend functions that seem gloomy or onerous, but these can be easily spiced up with a coffee cake!

Banana coffee cakes are decadent, moist and chewy, as are many of the gourmet coffee cakes to be found on a good online resource. These cakes are ideal for weekend mornings, special occasions, and chilly fall afternoons. We are hearing more and more that we need to slow down, to take the edge off of our modern lifestyles, and something as simple as a slice of cake can help us do just that.

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