Banana Walnut Coffee Cakes

Written by Jen Nichol
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Banana walnut coffee cakes are dense and sweet, moist and chewy. The mark of a good cake is how well the flavors blend and meld with each other, while never becoming overpowering. The texture of the cake, too, is important, and a well-made cake can last for many days.

Banana walnut coffee cakes combine the surprisingly complex and appealing flavor of bananas with the moist goodness of a traditional coffee cake. Many kinds of fruit can be used to spice up a coffee cake, while still allowing the cake to live up to its reputation of dense and comforting flavor. Fruit coffee cakes go very well with strong green teas and medium-roast gourmet specialty coffees.

Experience the Flavor of Banana Walnut Coffee Cakes

Coffee cakes and other gourmet gifts remind the recipient that they are valuable, loved, and definitely deserving of goodness. A few minutes with friends over slices of superior coffee cake can put the spirit back into the coldest winter week. Although the gift-giving season is traditionally a time of crazed frenetic super-buying, there is no reason that this can't be changed, coffee cake by coffee cake.

Banana walnut coffee cakes, as well as other flavors, appeal to everyone, young and old. Everyone appreciates a well-made sweet treat, especially when it also means a few minutes to sit back and relax. The world is spinning, our lives are full, but there is always a reason for a slice of cake and a mug of steaming coffee!

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