Caramel Brownies

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Caramel brownies combine the classic chocolate taste of traditional brownies with the rich and chewy flavor explosion of creamy caramel. These dessert treats are the embodiment of decadence and demand a cold glass of milk or strong cup of coffee to accompany them. Perfect for office rewards or to close a special occasion, caramel brownies put a special twist on a classic dessert.

Brownies are beloved by all and may represent the pinnacle of edible gifts. Richer and far more satisfying than cookies, brownies provide a respite in the work day around the busy holiday season. Easier to manage and distribute than an entire cake, brownies require no special utensils or annoying clean-up.

Caramel Brownies Take Dessert to the Next Level

Everyone knows how an office lights up when a gift of food is delivered. Even gifts as uninspired as tins of flavored popcorn are well-received by hard-working business people, eager to take a well-deserved break. Corporate food gifts, however, are usually only remembered if they stand out from the glut of edible offerings that rain down upon a business every year.

Homemade brownies are rich and delicious enough to stand out from the pack. When the added bonus of rich creamy caramel is discovered, the positive feelings towards the giver are cemented in the sense memory of the recipient. Caramel brownies are an ideal way to foster a productive business relationship with clients and vendors alike.

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