Chocolate Desserts

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Chocolate desserts prove the maxim that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. In truth, they expand upon it, proving that men, women and corporations all have a soft spot for gourmet confections. Send chocolate desserts to loved ones and business contacts and see your stock soar in their eyes.

Edible gifts--and their givers--are remembered far more frequently than those of the non-edible variety. Smell is the sense most associated with memory, and taste follows not far behind. Memories of chocolate gifts literally become imprinted in the memory of their recipients, ensuring that the gifts and their senders are not soon forgotten.

Chocolate Desserts Make Sense

Chocolate, like steak, coffee and wine, belongs to small fraternity of rich and complex flavors that human palates have evolved to appreciate. Unlike primary taste sensations such as sour or salty, chocolate is a melange of strong and subtle flavors that combine to feed the senses with a profound feeling of satisfaction. The term "chocoholic" is a humorous way of underscoring the very primal sensory needs that chocolate fulfills.

Sending gifts that satiate their givers, like gourmet brownies, allows you to take advantage of this culinary chemistry. The positive feelings associated with indulging in these delicacies become inextricably linked with feelings towards their giver. Chocolate desserts make for gifts that are remembered and positively regarded long after the last brownie has been enjoyed.

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