Cream Cheese Brownies

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Cream cheese brownies are to most adults relics of a bygone era, treasured memories from youth that involve going to their grandparents' house for holiday meals. Sneaking a rich brownie marked with the signature white ribbon before dinner was a ritual of growing up. Sadly, as people grow up and away from their families, cream cheese brownies become one of many cherished memories of childhood that seem forever out of reach.

In a society as mobile and busy as ours, recipes no longer get handed down from generation to generation as they once did. Even if one is fortunate enough to receive family recipes for gourmet confections, there never seems to be enough time to make them. Making homemade brownies is an idea that sounds good on paper, but never seems to become enough of a priority to actually happen.

You Can Have Homemade Cream Cheese Brownies Again

Rather than working against the tide of progress and division of labor, why not embrace it by allowing someone else to bake for you? There are plenty of small gourmet bakeries that make chocolate desserts that rival even those made by your beloved grandmother. The only ingredient you need is a credit card.

You may be surprised at the flavors available today that you never even imagined as a child. There is no reason to forego baking yourself just because you are taking advantage of wonderful homemade brownies made by a professional baker. Take the time when you have it to make the occasional batch of cream cheese brownies yourself, but let your family enjoy these treats from your childhood all year long.

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