Double Chocolate Brownies

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Double chocolate brownies make for decadent edible gifts that will have their recipients begging you for the recipe. Luckily, all you have to do is point them to the correct web address. The only ingredient necessary to make delicious double chocolate brownies is a major credit card.

Consumers have quickly adapted to the convenience of buying books and household goods online, but few make the leap to buying food from the Web. This is a shame, as the Internet has allowed specialty gourmet chefs and bakers to offer their wares to the entire world. The little neighborhood shop around the corner now delivers anywhere in the world.

Double Chocolate Brownies: Two Much Is Never Enough

The wonders of the digital age offer you a bevy of food options from which to choose. Whether you wish to feed your family or send gourmet gift boxes to your valued clients, there is a solution that is perfect for you. If chocolate alone isn't quite enough, go for broke and try double chocolate.

Brownies with twice the chocolate are a masterpiece of rich and complex flavor. Perfect for parties or an intimate dessert, they also make for a somewhat naughty breakfast treat. Double chocolate brownies are sure to satisfy everyone's chocolate craving, no matter how large it might be.

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