Executive Business Gifts

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Executive business gifts are often hard to choose because you only know the recipients in a limited, professional way. There is always the danger that an inappropriate gift can spell the end of a profitable relationship with a client, partner or vendor. With so much on the line, it's no wonder that seemingly simple things like executive business gifts can generate so much stress.

The key to sending the best business gifts is to choose items of the highest quality and of universal appeal. Avoid sending anything too personal, even if you know the person's tastes, as clothing and jewelry are best left to family members. Even gifts that key into a recipient's hobbies are dangerous, as tickets and tee times carry implicit pressure for the recipient to reciprocate.

Executive Business Gifts You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

Edible gifts are the perfect way to sidestep all the pitfalls of corporate gift giving. Everyone has to eat, and by sending gourmet food as a gift you can show the recipient that you have excellent taste, and that you think he or she does as well. Once your recipients realize that this is the perfect gift for them to send as well, they'll be even more grateful.

A gift like a basket of gourmet brownies allows the beneficiary to have a dessert at the ready should company stop by or should a last-minute party invitation be proffered. The brownies can be passed out to employees to boost morale, or to home vendors like the gardener and mail carrier. Edible executive business gifts combine taste and flexibility, and generate in those who receive them a feeling that is both personal and professional.

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