Gourmet Brownies

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Gourmet brownies are rich chocolate treasures that everyone looks forward to receiving. Though they are almost universally beloved, brownies are rarely made at home unless one of the kids has a bake sale. With the exception of the occasional indulgence at a fine bakery, many of us almost never eat gourmet brownies.

One of the reasons these favored desserts are rarely indulged in is simple quality. It is hard to find a bakery that makes them as good as the ones you remember from your childhood. It hardly seems worth the calories to splurge on a below average brownie. Luckily, it doesn't take much looking to find a brownie solution that will work for you.

Gourmet Brownies on Your Desktop

No longer need the best brownies be enjoyed only by those lucky enough to live near a gem of a family bakery. The Internet has made it possible for gourmet entrepreneurs to offer their delicious homemade brownies to hungry consumers the world over. You can point and click your way towards walnut, raspberry and peanut butter brownies in mere moments.

Avoid mass produced baked goods such as those sold at your nearest corporate coffee shop or grocery store. They are almost always full of preservatives. Find a small bakery that will ship to your door the same homemade goods that they offer to their local customers. Gourmet brownies can be a regular part of your life again, so order a basket and turn the coffee on.

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