Gourmet Gift Boxes

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Gourmet gift boxes are almost always greeted with glee when they arrive at the homes of their fortunate recipients. Just knowing that you have received a gift that will actually get used is a welcome relief after unwrapping a herd of white elephants. Gourmet gift boxes allow an entire office or family to reap the rewards of your generosity.

When selecting the right gourmet food to send, avoid well-worn cliches like fruitcake and think twice before sending trendy food that doesn't appeal to the average palate. Focus instead on comfort foods that evoke warm thoughts of home and childhood. Gourmet food is a completely practical gift idea that also can feel intensely personal.

Gourmet Gift Boxes: Take Your Pick

Usually, makers of gourmet edible gifts offer an assortment of boxes and baskets to address all of your gift-giving needs. There should be a solution for everyone on your list, and if not, ask about custom-designed gift boxes. If you are unsure about what quantity of product to purchase, err on the side of giving too much, as the recipient will always be happy to share extras with people close to him or her.

Gourmet food can make for a very affordable gift if you find the right chefs and bakers. Look off the beaten path of glossy catalogs and corporate behemoths and search for a mom-and-pop concern that sells their wares over the Web. Giving gourmet gift boxes filled with homemade brownies lets the people you love know exactly how you feel about them.

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