Liquor Cakes

Written by Jen Nichol
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Liquor cakes have been made for centuries, and embody a rich tradition of good living. Quality ingredients and time-tested recipes create superior desserts, and these desserts can be found and ordered online, through a good coffee cakes resource. Some of the gourmet goodies to be found online include sour cream coffee cakes, blueberry coffee cakes, nut cakes, and other delectable varieties.

Liquor cakes can be eaten for dessert, for Sunday brunch, and for tea-time breaks. A slice of well-made cake is welcome anytime, from breakfast to bedtime. A glass of port with a slice of moist liquor cake makes a wonderful, warming dessert, and liquor cake with a pot of Chai tea makes a delicious afternoon snack.

Liquor Cakes Please Everyone

Liquor cakes, like Irish whiskey coffee cakes, have an intense flavor that pairs perfectly with hot beverages and cold weather. Gourmands love the way the liquor blends with the other coffee cake ingredients to create a complex and delectable dessert. When served with fresh cream, slices of liquor cake become an elegant finish to the most decorous meals.

Liquor cakes, nut cakes, Downey's Irish Whiskey cakes, and coffee cakes make savvy gifts. People are tired of receiving more clutter for the holidays: more sweaters, more coffee-table books, and more knick-knacks are the plague of every gift-giving occasion. Delectable, gourmet gifts are always well-received; they bring people together and contribute to the enjoyment of the holidays.

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