Specialty Teas

Written by Jen Nichol
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More and more people are taking an interest in tea, especially specialty teas. It used to be that we only had black teas from which to choose. Now, we have access to everything from oolong to jasmine tea to herbal tisanes.

As these exotic teas become more prevalent, people are finding that each type and grade of tea is as unique and complex as a bottle of fine wine. Tea enthusiasts know that the ritual of tea is a powerful balm against the rigors and stress of modern living. Everyone will develop a taste for his or her favorites, but it's good to remember that there is a world of tea waiting to be discovered, and it would never do to pass up an exotic blackcurrant blend, or a masala chai.

Interest Grows in Specialty Teas

The ancient tea routes saw caravans of horses and camels, carrying tea and spices from the east. These trips took well over a year, and were incredibly dangerous. However, the passion of the West for tea was so strong that the trade was a lucrative one.

These days, it can take just moments to get an exotic specialty tea. Some cities have purveyors of fine teas, but many people enjoy the ability to browse and order teas online. The joy of tea has not diminished one iota over the centuries, and we can all find a blend that is worth taking the day off for.

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