Written by Jen Nichol
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Stroopwafels are waffles that can be eaten anytime, warm or cold, and make a great gift. These sweet delicacies can be found, along with other gourmet items, on a good online coffee cakes resource. These European-style dessert waffles remind us of days of old, when the corner bakery served up piping hot delicacies that brought us in out of the cold.

It used to be that people really perfected the art of conversation over a plate of stroopwafels or a slice of coffee cake. Now, however, it seems that we have all become too busy to enjoy the leisurely, elegant moments of life. The good news is that more and more people are discovering that they can order high-quality traditional cakes and other gourmet items online, for prompt delivery.

Stroopwafels are Fun, Tasty, and Traditional

Stroopwafels are ideal for holiday gifts, coffee klatches, book groups, and birthday parties. They are fun little treats that will appeal to everyone. Keeping some of these goodies around the house ensures that unexpected company will be treated to a tasty delight. There are even varities with caramel centers that when set on top of a warm cup of coffee or tea, the heat makes the caramel center gooey!

Stroopwafels effortlessly hold syrup, fruit, and other toppings, and are great for snacks. They can be tucked into lunches and are ideal for Sunday brunch. Picnics, car trips, and other outings all become much more fun when there are stroopwafels to share.

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