Unique Executive Gifts

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Unique executive gifts can be hard to come up with, especially after using up many of your best ideas over the years. If you have that colleague or client for whom it is difficult to shop, brownie gift baskets may be the perfect answer. Brownies make unique executive gifts that are cherished by those who receive them.

Brownie gift baskets can be easily found online and sent directly to the corporate titan of your choice. You can usually choose to send a basket of all one flavor, such as double chocolate or walnut brownies, or choose an assortment of flavors so your recipient can try them all. For the ultimate executive gift, send a different flavored basket of brownies each month for the entire year!

Unique Executive Gifts They Will Remember

Quality bakers offer nicely appointed baskets in various styles and themes. Individually wrapped brownies are ideal for sharing with others or taking to office and cocktail parties. A wrapped basket can easily be gifted again to someone on the executive's gift list, making her grateful for the time and expense you have saved her.

The best thing about sending homemade brownies as executive gifts is that it feels as if you are sending a piece of yourself. Eating the brownies provides comfort and satisfaction to the recipient, just as your company's presence in his or her professional life does. Brownies make unique executive gifts because the fond memories last long after the final bites are taken.

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