Unique Gifts

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Unique gifts are remembered--as are their givers--while commonplace gifts quickly fade from memory. If you are searching for a unique gift to send to a friend or loved one, consider gourmet confections such as homemade brownies. Brownie gift baskets are unique gifts that make the recipient think fondly of the giver with each bite.

Edible gifts have a secret weapon that helps them stand out as great presents: they appeal to our senses. Rich chocolate brownies provide lush stimuli for every sense except for hearing--unless you count the sounds of pleasure that the recipient makes while eating them. These sensations creates sense memories that associate positive thoughts about the giver with the smell and taste of the brownies.

Gourmet Brownies Make Unique Gifts

These sense memories are triggered every time the receiver of the gift smells or tastes something similar to the brownies. In effect, you can continue to score points with your gifts months or even years after every morsel has been devoured. Homemade chocolate desserts truly are the gifts that keep on giving.

Do some research to find the right bakery to provide you with your ideal brownie gift basket. Take care to find one that sends the brownies fresh and not laced with preservatives. Choose from several flavors or pick an assortment to cover all of your bases. Either way, brownies make unique gifts that will not soon be forgotten by their recipients.

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