Unusual Gifts

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Unusual gifts appeal to the individual in all of us, the person who does not want to give or receive the same boring presents year after year. It is hard work to pick new gifts every year, however, which is how we get into ruts in the first place. Finding the right unusual gifts means thinking outside the box and inside the basket.

Brownie gift baskets are unique gifts that help break the socks-and-sweaters cycle that may be plaguing your gift-giving habits. A gift of delicious gourmet brownies is a thoughtful and classy way of expressing your affection in a non-traditional manner. Bakery items work equally well as gifts for close friends and family, as they do for people you may barely know.

Sink Your Teeth into Unusual Gifts

Bakery items provide the comfort and warmth of family and home to places where those qualities seem sorely lacking, such as an office or a college dorm. There are many web sites that specialize in sending gifts to members of our armed forces, to whom a treat of homemade brownies would be unusual indeed. Edible gifts seem to convey emotion in a much clearer and more powerful way then do trinkets and baubles.

No matter to whom you send brownies, make sure you include a small note or send a card that will arrive at about the same time. Let your gift recipients know what they mean to you, and how you appreciate the role that they play in your life. Unusual gifts like brownies are nice, but simple expressions of affection take the cake.

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