Bb Bats And Kits

Written by Sarah Provost
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Remember BB Bats, the taffy on a stick? It's still around, waiting to remove the fillings of the unwary. This candy originated in 1924, produced by the Sophie Mae Candy Company. Sophie Mae also produces Kits, the bite-sized pieces of taffy. Both varieties come in four flavors: chocolate, strawberry, banana, and molasses/peanut butter.

Taffy Is Not Fast Food

There are few types of candies associated with a virtue, but taffy is one of them. It seems to have been expressly created to teach us the value of patience at a young age. BB Bats (the initials stand for "bigger better") take the best part of a day to eat if you leave the taffy on the stick. And woe to the impatient child who tries to hurry the process by biting into it! That's a good way to learn how Br'er Rabbit felt when he met the Tar Baby.

Those of us who didn't have the requisite patience to slowly lick a BB Bat into submission, but thought there wasn't sufficient challenge in the bite-sized Kits, found a way to speed up the process. We put our BB Bats in the refrigerator until they were brittle. Then we smashed them and ate the pieces one by one. Now that I think of it, smashing was probably a large part of the fun.

There are two markets for retro candy such as BB Bats and Kits. The first, or course, is kids: sweet and sticky are two of their major food groups. But adults go for it too, partly because it brings back memories of a slower and more innocent time. But the other reason is that they still taste so darn good!

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