Belgian Chocolates

Written by Amy Hall
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Belgian chocolates are true culinary masterpieces. What distinguishes Belgian chocolates from other chocolates are the fillings and the presentation. If you have ever opened up a box of gourmet Belgian chocolates, you probably noticed how each piece looked perfectly sculpted, with the swirls of chocolate on top or the almond placed strategically in the center of the chocolate.

Belgian chocolates have the most delectable fillings, such as hazelnuts, caramels, marzipan, cordial cherries, praline, wafer, and even ganache. When you bite into a luscious Belgian chocolate, you are guaranteed a flavorful treat that will truly indulge your taste buds. If you are looking for great holiday gift for friends, family, and coworkers, a box of gourmet Belgian chocolates is sure to be well received.

You can also purchase Belgian chocolates in dark, white, or milk chocolate depending upon your preferences. There are even sugar-free and low carb chocolates that actually taste every bit as delicious as the chocolates made with real sugar. You may have sampled some sugar-free Belgian chocolates in the past and were not all that impressed by them. If that were the case, it would behoove you to try some Belgian chocolates made with maltitol, a natural sweetener made from malted corn syrup.

Melt-in-Your-Mouth Belgian Chocolates

There is no doubt about it; Belgian chocolates are a pure indulgence. The great news is that you can treat yourself to these scrumptious treats without worrying about all that excess sugar and carbohydrates. With high quality sugar-free chocolates, you don’t have to give up the good stuff in order to maintain a healthy diet.

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