Bulk Candy

Written by Sarah Provost
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Walk into any charming, quaint (and probably overpriced) "old-tyme" country store in New Hampshire or New Mexico and what will you see? Bulk candy, displayed in cute little gingham-lined wooden kegs. Maneuver through the heavy traffic of a dollar store in Chicago or Oakland, and what will you find? Bulk candy, stacked in cartons three deep along the cramped aisles. Follow the kids and teenagers in any suburban mall and where will they lead you? To the candy store, where jawbreakers, Mary Janes, and jujubes flaunt their gorgeous colors in ceiling-high acrylic bins.

Bulk candy can be found in almost any branch of the retail business. Assuming you keep it fresh and display it well, it's pretty much a no-fail offering. Wholesalers offer it at very inexpensive prices, so you can mark it up for your profit and still give your customers a bargain.

Whether you're a destination candy store or a diner with a jar of candy near the cash register, you can find whatever variety of bulk candy you want on the Web. Retro candy such as BB Bats and candy dots are enjoying a resurgence. Many dealers offer selections by decade: '50s candy, '60s candy, etc.

Bulk Candy for Seasonal Sales

Holidays such as Easter, Christmas, Hanukkah and Halloween move tremendous amounts of confectionary products, such as chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps, ribbon candy and candy canes, foil-wrapped chocolate gelt and, for Halloween, anything with sugar. A smart marketer knows, though, that there are seasonal candies besides the obvious ones. Stock up on horehound and lemon drops during cold season, for instance. Butterscotch sells better in the autumn than it does in the spring. Display pastel mints in June and watch them disappear. All in all, bulk candies are a highly versatile and profitable product for any retailer.

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