Bulk Hard Candy

Written by Sarah Provost
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Whether it's your primary product or an impulse buy near the checkout, bulk candy is a guaranteed seller. You can offer it in quaint wooden kegs, scooping it out into small paper bags to be weighed. You can display a rack of prepackaged candies in a drug store, convenience store, even a gas station. You can sell it from acrylic bins at a kiosk in the mall.

Not only can bulk candy be sold everywhere, but its customers are everyone. Grandparents tuck hard fruit candies in their pockets for little ones to find. Busy executives pop mints after their morning coffee. Seventh-graders suck on eye-popping sours, teething babies are soothed by rock candy sticks, and mah-jong players at the senior center set out little dishes of sweets.

Hard Candies for Seasonal Sales

Many people don't look beyond chocolate when considering seasonal and gift candies, but that's a mistake. For one thing, the quality of chocolate varies much more widely than that of hard candy. If funds are limited, your customers will do better to give hard candy than low-quality chocolate.

Hard candy can also be more imaginative. Instead of the traditional chocolates for Valentine's Day, fill a heart-shaped box or red basket with red-hots, conversation hearts, fireballs, red licorice and cinnamon pastilles. Most hosts will have plenty of beer for their Fourth of July picnic, so why not suggest a bowl of red, white and blue hard candies instead of a six-pack? With a good display and imaginative marketing, hard candies can sell as well or better than the more obvious gifts.

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