Candy Bars

Written by Amy Hall
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Candy bars are an old-fashioned favorite that still reign supreme today. Children and adults enjoy biting into a luscious chocolate candy bar that melts on the tongue and tastes oh so good. Children tend to have that reckless abandon that we lose as we get older, and they think nothing of devouring a candy bar in one sitting. As adults, we tend to break off a piece of a candy bar and put the rest away for later. Nonetheless, that little square of chocolate is heaven.

Certainly, you can go to your grocer’s store or the pharmacy and pick up any type of commercial candy bar you want. However, if you are looking for that special gourmet chocolate candy bar that tastes far superior to any store bought candy bar, you will need to turn your attention to specialty shops or the Web. You will want to purchase your candy bar from a retailer that focuses specifically on all types of gourmet chocolates, from dark chocolate to milk chocolate to white chocolate.

There are a myriad of flavor combinations that might bring a grin to your face. Popular choices include: hazelnut-almond, macadamia nut-coconut, dark chocolate-mint, cherry-nut, cappuccino-milk chocolate, and dark chocolate-orange. There are, of course, a host of other popular flavors that you can choose from if you prefer. You may even want to purchase a few candy bars at once to keep around the house for those moments when your body craves chocolate.

Candy Bars--Good to the Last Bite

Whether you devour a candy bar in one sitting or you savor a small piece at a time, you should not feel guilty for indulging in this gourmet treat. Chocolate today can be made without sugar, yet it still retains that smooth, rich texture that makes it so desirable. Maltitol is a natural ingredient that is as sweet as sugar but contains less calories and less carbs. The next time your chocolate craving strikes, reach for a gourmet sugar free chocolate candy bar and indulge your senses without any of the guilt.

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