Candy Suppliers

Written by Sarah Provost
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Let's say you took a trip to Japan and really got hooked on those rice candies. But now you're home, and your town doesn't have a large enough Asian population to sustain a specialty grocery. Or maybe you just had your first child, and want to pass out "It's a boy!" bubble gum cigars--to everyone you know and people you stop on the street. The school band needs new uniforms, and you're looking for something easy to sell for fund raising. Or maybe you just have a real craving for the Sno-Caps you used to eat at the movies. All of these problems can be solved by candy suppliers on the Web.

Whether you're looking for an ethnic treat, a specialty product, or just an old-fashioned candy that isn't widely distributed any more, you can find what you need on the Internet. You could search for days among brick-and-mortar stores and not find any bubble gum cigars, but there are many places that sell them online. You might even order them with your new baby's name on the wrapper.

Regional treats, too, can be very hard to find if you're not in that region. If you now live in Houston, but crave the maple sugar candy you had as a kid in New Hampshire, the only place you're likely to find it is online. Remember those marshmallow "ice cream cones" you loved when you were six? Five minutes online, and you can pass them out at your six-year-old's birthday party.

Bargains from Online Candy Suppliers

There are several advantages to shopping online, in addition to being able to order hard-to-find products. When you order online, your candy is likely to be much fresher, especially if it's a product that doesn't have a large turnover in stores. Also, online merchants have significant savings on overhead, and can pass that cost break on to you.

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