Chocolate Birthday Gifts

Written by Robert Mac
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Chocolate birthday gifts are perfect for the person who's hard to shop for or the proverbial person who has everything. It's a present everyone loves: it won't sit unused on a shelf, doesn't need batteries or instructions . . . and is delicious. Chocolate is one of the world's favorite flavors, and is tops in America (more than half of us put it first on our list!), so you know chocolate birthday gifts will find a happy home.

Chocolate has been a prized gift for centuries. When Spaniards returned from the New World with chocolate in the 1500s, it quickly became a royal favorite; the Spanish kept the recipe well guarded for a century. When Spanish royalty married other European nobility, cocoa--from which chocolate is derived--was given as a dowry, signifying its revered value.

Chocolate Birthday Gifts Take the Cake

Great chocolates make any birthday happier, but be sure that the chocolate is high quality; nothing reverses one's excitement more than opening a box of chocolates and finding them to be sub par. Since chocolate is a complex food with many facets, like wine, there are many ways to determine if it's a quality product or not. The appearance of superior chocolate should be shiny and evenly colored--this is just the first sense you'll use.

The aroma should be rich, not burned or chemically, and the texture smooth--definitely not waxy, gritty, or crumbly. Flavor is next: it should be well balanced without being too bitter or too sweet. If you follow your senses, your loved ones will thank you for their sensational chocolate birthday gifts--they may even share some with you.

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