Chocolate Covered Cherries

Written by Robert Mac
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Chocolate covered cherries are a perfect example of a Belgian style chocolate. Rather than making large chocolate bars with a limited number of additional ingredients--such as nut meats--the traditional Belgian style is a smaller, richer, filled chocolate. Aside from caramel, the most common varieties are chocolate covered cherries.

Belgian chocolates are renowned around the world for their quality ingredients, from only the choicest cacao beans to the decadent liqueurs used to flavor their fillings. While some lower end chocolates cut corners with cheap fillers, an honest chocolate sticks to traditional recipes. And as people demand more gourmet products, chocolatiers fill this demand--and their chocolates--with only the finest ingredients.

All Natural Chocolate Covered Cherries Take the Cake

You can certainly get inexpensive chocolate covered cherries at the corner store, but be warned: you get what you pay for. Many low end chocolates substitute hydrogenated vegetable oil for the cocoa butter that is naturally part of the cacao seed. They then have to add preservatives to the chocolate because it is now able to spoil--oils go bad while cocoa butter never spoils.

They also use cherries that have been artificially colored and preserved. While this might not matter to everyone, a chocolate connoisseur will taste the difference--and you can, too. A side-by-side taste comparison will demonstrate that natural chocolates with natural cherries are richer than knock-off varieties.

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