Chocolate Gift Baskets

Written by Robert Mac
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Chocolate gift baskets are ideal for any occasion--from Welcome Aboard to Happy Retirement and anything in between. People appreciate chocolates, especially well-made ones, and chocolate gift baskets have a little something for everyone. Solid chocolates, praline fillings, caramels and cherries--a box of chocolates is a fun and decadent way to celebrate something special.

Through history, chocolate has been a significant food that has been reserved for special occasions. For the early Mayans, it was a spicy drink that everyone had once in a while. But for the Aztecs, who are credited with discovering chocolate, it was a luxury item and not for the masses; only nobility, priests, and merchants could afford it. Since then, chocolate has been considered a little more special than other foods.

Part of the reverence for chocolate--just like wine--comes from its complex production. Chocolate isn't pulled from the ground, ready to eat. Cacao seeds are harvested, fermented, milled, and then processed. It's a long procedure, but the final product is proof that it works: chocolate is one of the world's favorite flavors.

Show You Care with Chocolate Gift Baskets

Today, when people want to say Thanks, or Good Job, or I Love You, they often do it with the most refined, and delicious, food they know: chocolate. Be careful when shopping for chocolate gift baskets, though; there is a wide quality range. Check for all natural ingredients and a high percentage (30-55%) of cocoa in your chocolate: this guarantees it's a quality product.

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