Chocolate Gifts Online

Written by Robert Mac
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Chocolate gifts online are just the latest way to give everyone's favorite gift. (52% of Americans say chocolate is their favorite flavor; only 12% say vanilla.) The history of chocolate is as rich as the food itself, and it has always been considered a prized gift--even before the internet.

Sending or receiving chocolate gifts online is a piece of (chocolate) cake, and, more importantly, is a further example of our reverence for this delicious confection. Chocolate--or, more precisely, the cacao seeds from where we get chocolate--were so highly regarded by early Mesoamericans that they even used them as money. Since then, chocolate has been cherished as valuable commodity.

Chocolate Gifts Online Started in the New World

Chocolate was so precious to the Aztecs that only the elite members of their society--priests and royalty--consumed it; they did offer it as a gift to their gods, too. When the Spanish explorer Cortez visited in the 1500s, he brought some home to his king--again, as a treasured gift. The Spanish royalty even used it as a dowry when they married into other royal European families.

Once in Europe, chocolate's popularity skyrocketed; chocolatiers developed new methods of processing it and it became a gourmet delicacy. Today, it is still given on special occasions--weddings, anniversaries, and a number of holidays. Giving chocolate gifts online is just the latest way for people to share this treat; in time, after teleporters have been perfected, the first food sent that way will probably be chocolate, too.

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