Chocolate Mints

Written by Robert Mac
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Chocolate mints have been around only since 1949, when James Welch introduced Junior Mints to the world. Named after his favorite Broadway performer--Junior Miss--they quickly became a movie theater favorite. Nearly everyone has had one version of the creamy mint surrounded by dark chocolate.

The Origins of Chocolate Mints Go Back Centuries

All chocolate candies trace their history back two thousand years, to the rainforests of Central America. It was there that early natives, probably the Aztecs, discovered the cacao tree--the source of chocolate. They collected the cacao seeds, let them ferment, roasted and ground them, and made a bitter drink from the mixture. This early version of chocolate has evolved over the years to solid chocolate, including chocolate mints.

Once a luxury enjoyed only on special occasions (the latest remake at the cineplex is not a special occasion), chocolate has become one of the world's favorite flavors. Because it was difficult to process, it was originally used only during very important ceremonies. Now that it's mass-produced, you can get it anywhere and at anytime--this is why it's important to make sure your chocolate is not a cheap variety.

Some companies make chocolate mints with low quality ingredients to save on production costs--you won't pay as much for it, but you'll taste the difference. If you want only the best mints possible--and who doesn't deserve that?--check the list of ingredients. All natural chocolates have no artificial colorings, flavorings, or fillers . . . and taste as close to real chocolate as possible.

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