Chocolate Truffles

Written by Robert Mac
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Chocolate truffles are the perfect way to end an elegant meal. Not to be confused with the fungus truffle--that underground delicacy that trained pigs find by snorting around--chocolate truffles are an entirely different delicacy. They are small chocolate morsels with savory, creamy fillings--any larger and they'd be too decadent to finish.

Truffles are Belgian chocolates. That is, they follow the Belgian tradition of a chocolate ball filled with caramels, cherries, nuts, or other ingredients (rather than a chocolate bar, favored in Germany and Switzerland). And like the Belgian varieties, chocolate truffles are known for their quality ingredients. Each piece, like each handcrafted ingredient, is a work of art.

Shopping for Chocolate Truffles?

Gourmet foods have taken off in the last decade or so, as world travel has turned exotic spices into everyday ingredients. We are now able to order--and get--just about anything we want from around the globe. Truffles are no exception. However, we also live in an era that values quantity over quality--for gourmands, this means some truffles may be of lesser quality.

The easiest way to check if your truffles are the highest quality possible--and why shouldn't they be?--is to look at the list of ingredients. No additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients mean it's probably a traditional chocolate truffle. Also check the percentage of cocoa: if it's less than 30% by weight, they probably used hydrogenated oil instead of cocoa butter in the chocolate covering.

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